Social Distancing No Gathering Vinyl Banners


‘Social Distancing - No Gathering’ Vinyl Banners for Effective Messaging

Social distancing must be maintained repeatedly until and unless COVID-19 is eliminated, and even after that, it must be reinforced for an extended period of time. Our ‘social distancing-no-gathering’ vinyl banners are an excellent method to promote social distancing at your location, whether you are a merchant or the owner of a business or workspace.

Our vinyl banners are available in multiple sizes and also come with a custom size option. This high-quality, reusable, and professionally designed vinyl banner is the ideal choice for attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

Install this banner in your storefront, workplace, or any other public location to ensure that it is observed and followed by everyone.

You can make this banner even more clear and relevant to the current circumstances with the following messaging: No Gathering, Keep 6 Feet Apart, Keep Aisles, and Entrance Clear.

Highly Customizable Vinyl Banners

The size, hanging options, UV print upgrade, and single or double-sided printing options for our bespoke vinyl banners are all completely customizable, based on your preferences.

Our vinyl banners are best for outdoor use for promoting social distancing. You can also provide specific instructions to modify your vinyl banners.

Custom Vinyl Banners Made with High-Quality PVC Flex Material

The custom vinyl banners are made with high-quality PVC flex material, which is durable and sturdy. You can upgrade the graphic weight to 16 oz.

Custom vinyl banners are printed full-color, 720 DPI resolution for a stunning visual appearance. The printing is done using the eco-solvent technique.

Order our custom vinyl banners now and choose 'Priority Overnight' shipping at checkout for the quickest delivery on your doorstep.