Social Distancing No Gathering Business Flyers (Non folded)


High-Quality Custom Business Flyers to Inform About COVID-19 Precautions

Keep the maximum number of people guided about precautionary COVID-19 measures to be taken against coronavirus through our business flyers. In this fight against coronavirus, it is important to take social responsibility for informing clients, customers, visitors, workers, employees, and others. Our business flyers say, ‘Social Distancing - No Gathering’. They are an effective tool to spread the word and can be completely customized.

Our pre-designed graphic can be printed on the paper of your choice. Each of our paper options available caters to different needs. In thick substantial paper you can choose ‘100 lb paper gloss’ for a gloss finish or ‘100 lb. paper matte’ for a non-reflective matte finish. We also offer cardstock paper type in matte finish and a sustainable ‘90 lb paper uncoated’ option.

All of these are high-quality options and can be written on after recommended testing. Our flyers come in custom sizes starting from 3.5 inch width x 8.5 inch height going up to 11 inch width x 17 inch height. Select your required size and get a free file check proof before placing an order.

We print these flyers in full vibrancy and resolution for impactful visibility. They also don’t fade over time. You can further choose to print on one side or both sides of this non-folded type flyer.

Pre-Designed "Social Distancing - No Gathering" Business Flyers

Our business flyers are pre-designed to inform about social distancing. The design is such that it is visually appealing and alerting. It engages people to read the message and potentially follow the precautionary measure. We have red, black and white colors in our design that further reinforce the importance of following this measure.

You can offer these social distancing business flyers to the people visiting your office, manufacturing units, shops, essential stores, and other commercial spaces to spread awareness.

Place Minimum Order of Custom Business Flyers as a Pack of 50

We offer custom flyers in packs of certain quantities. The minimum order value includes a pack of 50 custom flyers. You can choose between a pack of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000. Select your required option and place an order now.