Signicade Deluxe White

Signicade Deluxe White

  • Signicades are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Special slide-in feature for easy graphic changing.
  • Easy personalization with graphics and custom number of panels.
  • Full-color digital UV printing.
  • Lightweight and portable.

Resilient White Deluxe Signicade as a Versatile Advertising Solution

Want an easy-to-use marketing solution that boosts your business and is versatile? Our high-quality white deluxe signicade offers just that. Beating regular signicades, these deluxe signicades come with slide-in panel slots for quick-changing graphics. They save your time and require no professional assistance for installation. You can advertise whatever you desire outdoors conveniently, without fear of damage.

We make our A-frame using white molded plastic for corrosion resistance and long usage life. They withstand all outdoor elements and live upto 5 years. For sturdiness, they can also be ballasted with sand. Our A-frame has a handle at the top and graphic slots on both sides.

While the handles assure easy portability, the slots can be filled with any custom panel you desire. We UV print graphics in full color onto durable coroplast panel materials. Our printing technique has high visual vibrancy and clarity.

The size of these signicades allows easy visibility even from a distance. They come in a standard size of 2ft width x 3 ft height. Together these features make our reusable signicades ideal for versatile advertising, outdoors.

Custom Graphic Panels for Signicade Deluxe

Your business advertising banner needs unique design and relevant messaging. Which is why we offer comprehensive customizing tools for you. Get creative by personalizing your graphics and select the number of side panels you require. For designing, you can upload an image, design online or use our readymade templates.

However, this step is completely optional; place an order for graphic panels only when required. Alternatively, you can just purchase the frame.

Special Bulk Quantity Discount Available on Signicades

To place the order for this white signicade frame and slide-in graphics, get started now. At bannerbuzz, you can grab a special bulk discount on purchase of two or more signicades. We have made an overview table for you mentioning our varying discounts offered, check it out.