Maintain a Safe Distance Outdoor Floor Mats


Health-First Safe Distance Outdoor Floor Mats

Maintain a Safe Distance Mats are Durable, High-Quality, and Ready to Use

Your office buildings, retail stores, and other establishments develop crowds as people enter throughout the day. During public health events, it's important to remind visitors at your facility to take preventative, protective measures. Printed floor mats placed at entrances display messages asking those entering to maintain social distance, staying at least six feet away from others where possible. Putting these mats at the front door helps to reinforce the practice as soon as patrons step foot inside.

Our outdoor floor mats stand up to weather and environmental conditions thanks to a durable construction of polyester non-woven fabric. Nitrile rubber backing keeps them stable and in place, preventing them from skidding or slipping out of place. The floor mats also resist wear and tear caused by regular foot traffic as people enter and exit the building.

Bright, consistent colors created with dye-sublimation printing ensure that the printed floor mats catch people's attention as they approach. Their good lightfastness helps prevent fading from sun exposure, and 1440 DPI text and images retain legibility. Sharp contrast makes the message stand out clearly from the background color.

Displayed on these social distancing floor mats is a pre-designed message and image aligned for optimal visibility. The illustration depicts the practice and shows the minimal distance needed between persons in both standard and metric measurements. With these elements in place, the mats arrive at your location ready to go on display.

Social Distancing Floors Mats are Portable and Available in Bulk

Our printed floor mats are lightweight and portable, so you can quickly and easily move them out to the entrances around your building. Roll up the flexible material to save space in transit. These mats offer the convenience of easy repositioning as needed.

We offer social distancing floor mats in quantities to meet the needs of small and large businesses. We also offer bulk discounts on order sizes ranging from as few as 2 to over 500 in number. There's always a bulk discount that grows along with your order volume.

Maintain a Safe Distance Mats are Easy to Order

Order and receive your outdoor floor mats in a way that fits your convenience and your budget. You have a choice of varied shipping options you can pick from. Make your selection based on your specific requirements to get the most value out of your purchase and enhance your return on investment.

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