Keep Out Covid-19 Quarantine Area Floor Decals


Maintain Safety and Prevent the Spread of Illness with Quarantine Decals

Floor Decals are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

During public health events, the need arises to cordon off certain areas of facilities for the safety of others. Areas with limited space for signage require an effective means of barring or discouraging entry. Quarantine area stickers are bright and high-profile decals that attract visual attention from floor level, halting visitors or employees before they enter restricted areas. Hazard symbols and vivid colors communicate the warning message with authority and authenticity.

These resilient and durable monomeric PVC decals are 210 microns thick to stand up to the frequent foot traffic in hallways and corridors. Glue peel strength of 12N/25mm keeps the stickers securely attached to the floor while still allowing for removal when quarantine lifts so the decals don't remain permanent fixtures.

Printed floor decals display biohazard symbols to convey their important message and feature bold, black text in an impactful, 720 DPI font that captures the attention of those nearby. The bright yellow color further adds to the visibility of the decals.

Quarantine decals come in multiple sizes to fit wide and narrow hallways in healthcare facilities, offices, schools, and many other settings. Add further instructions as needed to modify the decals in ways that meet the unique needs of your enterprise. Select the white ink level to determine the opacity of the text.

Quarantine Area Stickers are Easy to Install and Eco-Friendly

Apply PVC decals to tile, wood, and carpeted floors with ease and efficiency so you can begin enforcing quarantine with all due diligence and speed. An included squeegee tool presses the backing against hard, flat surfaces to force out air bubbles and to ensure an even, smooth placement.

Biodegradable and gentle printing materials reduce the environmental impact of these quarantine decals. Stay socially responsible for both public health safety and for the health of the environment.

Floor Decals are Ready to Use

Pre-printed with a Keep Out message and a biohazard symbol, these quarantine decals require no additional design or text composition. The stickers are ready to use immediately upon delivery to quickly cordon off contaminated areas and keep others protected.

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