Keep Calm and Wash your Hands Window Clings

Keep Calm and Wash your Hands Window Clings

  • Application tool provided for quick and easy installation.
  • Printed window clings are available in multiple size options to suit your requirements.
  • High-quality printing helps boost readability and offers effective communication.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Wash Your Hands Window Clings Help Convey Your Target Message with Ease

Window Clings are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

As a business owner, you require effective and eye-catching ways to display key information to visitors and staff. You may also want to do your part to help stop the spread of infectious pathogens. Wash your hands signs from BannerBuzz assist in communicating the requirement of undertaking precautionary measures to employees, customers, and passersby. The signs are quirky and grab attention easily, and are excellent awareness tools.

Opaque window clings use static, non-adhesive PVC material, with a thickness of 150 ±10 µ m and 190 GSM graphic weight. This makes the clings tough and durable, and provides suitability for in use on windows. This durability also makes the clings ideal investments for any facility, as they will last for a long time.

Full color and 600 DPI print options make the wash your hands signs high in quality. The graphics are vibrant and crisp, and the high resolution boosts the readability of the signs and provides visibility from far away. The UV printing technology ensures the longevity of the graphics and protects the inks against harmful UV rays, preventing fading.

Printed window clings are available with customization options to cater to your specifications. Choose between different size options or select a custom size to make easy modifications as per your business requirements.

Wash Your Hands Signs are Easy to Install and Eco-Friendly

The squeegee tool provided with the opaque window clings makes the installation process simple and straightforward. The tool offers easy handling and pressure control and helps you ensure that no air bubbles or uneven surfaces are left after application.

As the inks used while crafting the printed window clings do not release any solvents into the air, the product is an eco-friendly advertising option. Associating yourself with a product that offers reduced emissions allows you to fulfil your social responsibility and create the image of an ecologically aware brand.

Window Clings are Ready to Use

With wash your hands signs, you get a pre-printed message that reads Keep Calm and Wash your Hands. This feature helps save time and effort in self-designing and allows you to redirect your efforts to other tasks.

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