Keep Calm and Wash your Hands Indoor Floor Mats

Keep Calm and Wash your Hands Indoor Floor Mats

  • Durable coral fleece pile withstands heavy foot traffic.
  • Dye-sublimation printing produces bright, consistent colors.
  • Choose from two sizes and add special instructions to meet personalized needs.
  • The lightweight design offers portability and convenient repositioning.
  • Pre-printed design requires no additional modification.

Prompt Good Hygiene with Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands Indoor Floor Mats

Indoor Floor Mats are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Facilities open to the public want to do their part to prevent the spread of illness among customers and employees. Customer-facing messaging should be light in tone while still being effective to put customers at ease as well as encourage them to take steps to protect themselves and others. Indoor floor mats with whimsical text remind people to keep their hands clean, a simple and attainable goal that significantly reduces the spread of germs. A floor-adhesive design allows for placement in front of washroom sinks where they are prominently visible.

Wash your hands signs have a 10mm thick pile made of coral fleece, offering size and weight tolerance that handles heavy-traffic areas. The material also has impressive fiber retention to prevent shedding, and it resists fading, keeping the colors bright. Non-woven fabric and grippers make up the back, keeping the signs securely in place on the floor.

Dye-sublimation printing in 1440 DPI produces a vibrant color, making these printed floor mats visible and eye-catching, even from floor level. It also gives the surface a smooth finish and makes the text clear and easy to read.

Suitable as indoor mats for home or business settings, the units come in two sizes to fit neatly in front of a sink in a washroom or other space with handwashing facilities. BannerBuzz also offers a space to add further specific instructions to ensure that the mats meet individual requirements.

Wash Your Hands Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

Printed floor mats are lightweight and portable to make placement quick and easy. With no adhesive to stick to the floor, the mats are conveniently re-positionable for relocation as needed. As traffic to handwashing facilities changes over time, simply move mats to new spots and optimize return on investment.

The Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands message is pre-printed on these indoor mats for home, school, and business so they're ready to use upon delivery. This also offers the time-saving convenience of taking the work of designing an in-house logo and slogan off your hands.

Order Indoor Floor Mats in Bulk For a Discount Price

While a facility may only require a single mat, these printed floor mats are also available in quantities as few as two and as many as 500 or more. A discount applied to bulk orders helps businesses get the supplies they need while maintaining their budget and bottom line.

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