Front Adhesive Cut-Out Frosted Decals


Promote Products and Events with Front-Adhesive Cut-Out Frosted Decals

Frosted Decals are Durable, Customizable, and Provide Unique Branding

Your business is looking for ways to subtly but effectively market products, services, and limited time promotions. Special upcoming events and highly anticipated product releases also need to be communicated to interested customers. Frosted adhesive decals stick to glass surfaces, making them quick and easy to put up on short notices. The high degree of customization allows for numerous possible designs that help build your enterprise's unique and distinctive brand.

Our adhesive decals have a glue peel strength of 12N/25mm, keeping the decals securely attached to the inside of a glass window while still allowing the decals to be removed as needed. Monomeric PVC 100 microns in thickness make the decals durable and suitable for indoor applications on interior wall windows, partitions between offices, or on windows built into doors.

Frosted window stickers are a subtle way to promote your company's branding. When designed in the form of a company logo, they are ideal to be displayed on doors and windows throughout thr office space as well as on customer-facing windows. This boosts recognition and awareness of your brand when visitors and clients see your logo elsewhere.

Our cut-out decals come in multiple sizes. You can also select a custom size depending on what is needed to fit the windows in your commercial space. There are many available templates to choose from; these include holiday themes, inspirational sayings, and advertisements geared to many types of business. You can also work with our in-house marketing department or hire our professional designer and come up with your own logo or other designs and upload them.

Adhesive Decals Offer Privacy and are Easy to Install

The partially opaque quality of frosted decals obscures details without blocking light so rooms and offices remain well lit. This additional privacy is useful for areas where confidentiality is needed.

With no hardware needed, cut-out decals are quick and easy to attach to a glass surface. A convenient squeegee tool is included for even application of pressure that removes bubbles and wrinkles. Thus, your decals are ready for advertising within few minutes.

Order Frosted Decals in Bulk

Bulk orders provide the quantities you need to cover more windows and widen your reach to more customers. Order cut-out decals in amounts as small as 2 to over 500, meeting your requirements whether small and large. Discounts may also apply to bulk orders as they increase in size.

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