Do the Five Help Stop Spread Covid-19 Business Flyers (Non folded)


Premium-Quality Business Flyers are Durable and Customizable

Provide reliable information on preventing the spread of airborne diseases in the workplace to customers and employees. Our paper flyers will inform staff about the best practices to protect themselves and others from airborne infections. Distribute the handouts in high-traffic places like restrooms, break rooms, and lobbies to remind people of the five steps to prevention.

We print our commercial flyers on top quality materials to ensure strength and durability. The thick, substantial paper can endure frequent handling, so the sheets may be reused if desired.

On both coated and uncoated flyers, our printing procedure boosts the color saturation and sharpness of images and text. The high-quality print provides a smooth and professional finish that will quickly catch the attention of the reader.

These customizable business flyers come in a variety of sizes and quantities. You may choose a glossy, matte, or non-glossy finish. You can give precise instructions to make your fliers stand out.

Paper Flyers are Environmentally Friendly and Ready to Use

Pre-printed commercial flyers come with a message that encourages your staff and guests to take steps in avoiding the spread of airborne infections. These flyers will be ready to use only a few minutes of setup.

Our cardstock, paper and uncoated flyers consist of 10 percent recycled material and are printed using eco-solvent inks for reduced emissions. Choosing the flyers contributes to your company's sustainability and a lower carbon footprint. They will help to show your company's dedication to caring for the environment and those who live in it.

Order Business Flyers Easily

Every step of the ordering process is quick and convenient, making it easy to get the business paper flyers you desire. You can select options like doorstep delivery to ensure that your fliers arrive on time.

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