Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Business Flyers (Non folded)


'Wash Your Hands' Flyers are Durable, Customizable, and Eco-friendly

When there is an outbreak or epidemic of a contagious disease, you need to communicate to your employees and customers how best to prevent infection. Our 'wash your hands' flyers clearly let people know the five steps to take to prevent the transmission of such illnesses. Use the flyers to help your community mitigate the spread of an active outbreak.

We make our awareness flyers from high-density card stock paper material for durability. You can use the flyers in outdoor settings thanks to their strength. 

You can order our business flyers in one of several sizes to meet your needs. Choose from different types of paper and specify which sides the flyers should have prints on for further customization. Various pack sizes are also available depending on the quantity you need.

We make our wash your hands flyers from recycled materials to make them eco-friendly. Using recycled materials reduces the carbon footprint of the flyers while allowing you to fulfill your responsibility as an environmentally conscious business.

Business Flyers Come Ready to Use and are Portable

Our health promotion flyers come with a pre-printed image to save you time and effort. Since you won't have to design an image yourself, you can focus your resources on other tasks that will make you more productive.

The materials used to make our awareness flyers are lightweight to allow for portability. Therefore, the packs of flyers are easy to transport and store, allowing you to easily distribute the handouts among multiple locations, thus saving on your ad spend.

'Wash Your Hands' Flyers are Easy to Order and Receive

Multiple shipping options are available to help fit your budget and timeline. Take advantage of doorstep delivery for more convenient receipt of your business flyers so that you can start urging your people to stay safe.

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