Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Window Clings


Uphold Health With Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Window Clings

Window Cling Vinyls are Cuztomizable, Durable, and High-Quality

At your business, visitors and staff need to stay healthy to avoid the spread of airborne pathogens. It's not easy if the facility does not keep track of every person inside the establishment. With window cling vinyls, you can encourage every guest and employee before they enter the establishment to follow the Do The Five guidelines to avoid spreading pathogens that could be detrimental to your business.

Our clear window clings are durable with a thickness of around 150 microns. Both sides of the vinyl are white and are resistant to abrasions. The clings can stay on windows for long periods without showing signs of wear and tear. Each cling must be installed on the interior of a window.

Window clings for business come in a wide gamut of full color tones in bright, vibrant shades that grab your guests' attention. UV printing ensures each cling you receive has the correct color scheme. With the 600 DPI resolution, all the text is clear and easy to read from afar.

Order your printed window cling in one of three pre-determined rectangular sizes, or simply state your own custom size. If you have a window where you want to place this cling, you can choose the right size for an eye-catching display.

Eco-Solvent Printing and Easy Installation with Clear Window Clings

Window clings for business are ready to use upon removal from their packaging. Simply apply the cling on the inside of your window and flatten it using the included squeegee tool. With proper application, each cling stays on without adhesive.

The clear window cling undergoes an eco-solvent printing process that avoids toxic substances. This results in a small carbon footprint and few emissions as the cling is created. Use of the clings ensures your businesses fulfills its social responsibility and helps conserve the environment.

Order Window Cling Vinyls in Bulk

Whether you have a big or small business, the printed window clings are eligible for bulk order discounts. If you need to order more than two clings, such as for multiple locations, you can save money as the cost per cling reduces.

Ensure Guests Practice Proper Health Hygiene with Clear Window Clings

Communicate good health habits to visitors with customizable, durable, and high-quality window clings for business.

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