Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Garden Flags


Show Hygiene Procedures Outdoors with Prevent COVID-19 Spread Garden Flags

Custom Garden Flags are Durable, Customizable, and High Quality

Large office parks and campuses often have common outdoor green areas where employees and visitors congregate or walk between buildings. These spaces, like indoor areas, may also require something that communicates instructions and best practices for preventing the spread of illness in order to meet company policy or other regulations. Our custom yard flags are for display outdoors where no windows or other hard surfaces are available for affixing decals or posters. They can be installed anywhere there is soft ground and can be placed near sidewalks, tables, and other high-traffic areas where they are most likely to be seen.

Our custom garden flags are made of 90 GSM knitted fabric that holds up under windy conditions. It stretches and moves in the breeze easily without losing material integrity. Each flag sits on a sturdy and long-lasting iron pole that withstands exposure to weather. Both the flag and the pole stand up to the elements for extended periods of outdoor display lasting weeks or months.

Sublimation printing provides high resolution that creates vibrant colors and clear text that make outdoor garden flags stand out to readers. This makes the instructions easy to read and understand, and it increases the chance of employees washing hands and following other precautions.

Personalized yard flags are available with single-sided or double-sided options. This helps catch the attention of pedestrians going in either direction. There is also the ability to add special instructions and modifications to fit specific or unique needs.

Outdoor Garden Flags are Ready to Use and Easy to Order

Do the Five Help Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 is printed on each custom yard flag, along with the five steps underneath in vertical alignment. These instructions are suitable for universal application, making them fit for most workplace and academic environments. This removes the need for the adding of further design or text or selecting a customized design. All that's left for you to do is the installation.

Ordering the personalized yard flags is a convenient and simple process. It's easy to select from multiple shipping options that align with your budget and provide essential supplies in a timely and careful manner.

Custom Garden Flags Are Conveniently Portable

Both the iron pole and the fabric making up our personalized yard flags are lightweight, making both parts easy to move from place to place. The pole also comes apart into two separate pieces for further convenience during transport or storage. Ease of installation is followed by ease of removal and relocating the flags as needed to adapt to changing foot traffic patterns.

Display Instructions for Preventing Covid-19 Spread with Outdoor Garden Flags

Long-lasting and lightweight flags deliver instructions in a clear and eye-catching fashion.

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