Do the Five Help Stop Spread Coronavirus Business Flyers (Non folded)


Business Flyers are Durable, Customizable and High Quality

Concerning airborne diseases in the workplace, it's important to educate customers and staff with accurate information. These paper flyers will educate your clients on measures they need to take to protect themselves and others from airborne pathogens. You can distribute them in your facility to help combat the spread of illness.

We print on high-quality cardstock for durable flyers, which can stand up to frequent handling. Our long-lasting commercial flyers will help disseminate the precautionary message to a broad audience.

Our UV printing method provides sharp and colorful images and letters on both coated and uncoated flyers. This high-quality printing provides a smooth and professional finish to easily attract people's attention.

These customizable business flyers are available in a range of sizes, quantities, and paper types. Whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish, you're free to purchase whatever meets your needs. You can also include specific instructions to make your flyers unique.

Recyclable Paper Flyers are Ready to Use

The commercial flyers come with a pre-printed message to remind your employees and visitors of the precautions to take to reduce the spread of airborne diseases. These paper flyers are ready to put to use immediately.

Paper, cardstock, and uncoated flyers feature recyclable materials. With a reduced carbon footprint, our flyers contribute to socially responsible practices. Illustrate your company's commitment to the planet and those that live on it when you choose sustainable products.

Ordering Business Flyers is Simple

Every step of the ordering procedure is straightforward and convenient, making it simple to get the commercial flyers you require. Choose a shipping method that's in accordance with the required arrival time and your company budget. To ensure that these arrive on time, use options such as doorstep delivery. 

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