Dine In Closed Vinyl Banners


Spread Awareness About Temporary Closures with Dine-In Closed Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

If your business is temporarily closed to comply with government regulations, it's critical to notify customers so they do not visit your store, restaurant, or office. Proper communication is essential since it streamlines your operations and allows you to cater to the needs of your clients. Our PVC flex banners offer a way to keep clients informed about your store's status. The banners notify customers that your shop is temporarily closed but curbside and takeout services are still available.

Our dine-in closed signs comprise abrasion-resistant PVC flex material that can tolerate environmental stress, chemical degradation, and abrasion. Because of this resilience, you may use the banners outside to engage with clients comfortably.

To give your prints a dynamic finish, we use full color printing to provide a wide spectrum of colors. The pictures on the curbside signs are sharp with a 720 DPI resolution, ensuring customers can view every detail from a distance. This increases your exposure and allows you to better deliver your message.

Customization options are available to suit your company's requirements. Choose from a variety of sizes or have a custom size made to fit the area where you want to install the outdoor banner. The two-sided option increases the exposure of your message by displaying it on both sides of the banner. Upgrade to premium to obtain a stronger, longer-lasting, and high-quality print material. Hanging clamp bars, bungees, zip ties, banner clips, pole and wall brackets, skyhooks, and nylon rope are among the accessories available to aid installation.

Dine-In Closed Signs are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

We use an environmentally friendly printing method on our take out available signs to ensure that no solvents are released into the air. This helps ensure your store or restaurant fulfills its ethical obligations while also impressing your environmentally conscious employees.

The outside banner's pre-printed wording notifies customers that dine-in services are not available but curbside and takeaway options are. This saves you time and work when it comes to designing and allows you to communicate with customers immediately.

Vinyl Banners are Low Maintenance

Simply clean these PVC flex banners with a gentle, moist cloth, no cleaning solution needed. This enables you to keep the banners clean to attract your clients' attention and disseminate information better.

Curbside Signs Inform Customers of Online Ordering and Takeout Available Options

BannerBuzz take out available signs are resilient, eco-friendly, and high quality to help you keep your customers updated on the latest information regarding your business operations.

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