Curbside Pick Up Only Metal Frames

Curbside Pick Up Only Metal Frames

  • The curbside stands comprise durable materials that increase longevity.
  • Crisp visuals arise from high-quality printing, which improves readability.
  • You can customize the frames to suit your needs.
  • To decrease emissions, we use an eco-friendly printing mechanism.
  • Our signs are pre-printed to save you time and effort.

Inform Customers About Pick Up Locations with Curbside Pick Up Only Metal Frames

Metal Frames are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

When faced with conditions that restrict indoor accommodations, restaurants and stores may need to offer reduced services. These businesses must communicate effectively and swiftly with consumers to inform them of operational changes. Proper communication will aid in the streamlining of processes in a way that benefits customers and your bottom line. For the convenience of customers and staff, our metal frame stands notify passers-by that your restaurant or store offers pick up only services and online ordering.

Our durable pick up only signs feature 890 GSM Corflute that is 4 mm thick and resistant to water and most chemicals, allowing you to leave them outside for long periods. The frame consists of MS CRC, a high-tensile-strength metal that can endure rough handling without breaking or deforming.

Images with 600 DPI resolution are crisp and visible from a distance. Full color UV printing gives your graphics a vibrant appearance that attracts attention, ensuring that people see your message. This form of printing doesn't smear or smudge, so the images on the CRC frames remain crisp and legible, even in inclement weather.

Customization options are available to help you personalize your order to meet your unique needs. You may order the frame and panels together or individually. Also, get one or two metal frame panels based on the area of application to optimize the exposure of your message.

Pick Up Only Signs are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

To prevent releasing solvents into the air, we employ an eco-friendly printing process on the CRC frame signs. This guarantees that the signage is sustainable, allowing your company to meet its ethical obligations.

The pre-printed messaging on these metal frame stands notifies passers-by that your restaurant only offers curbside pickup and that consumers can call or order online. This helps you to communicate swiftly by using the signage right away, preventing any loss of revenue.

Get Bulk Order Discounts with Our Metal Frames

Order bulk quantities ranging from 2 to over 500 based on the size, budget, and demands of your business. This cost-efficient solution will enable you to get the pick up only signs you require for successful communication.

Inform Customers About Changes to Your Business Operations with Our Metal Frame Stands

BannerBuzz curbside metal frames are a sturdy, eco-friendly, and customizable tool for notifying customers about procedural changes that require them to place an order online and pick it up at the restaurant or business.

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