Curbside Pick Up Only Garden Flags


Curbside Pickup Flags Provide Customer Directions

Garden Flags are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Curbside pickup is an increasingly popular option with customers, who may arrive at a location and not know the correct place to park for receiving a curbside pickup order. Businesses also need to ensure that curbside pickup traffic does not obstruct other vehicles. Garden flags with curbside pickup messaging direct customers to the correct location and also limit parking in that area to these customers only. The flags help direct drivers to a spot where employees are able to easily reach their vehicles for efficient order delivery.

A 90 GSM fabric makes these single-sided flags durable and able to stand up to the outdoor environments where they'll spend most of their time. The knitted material also stretches easily in multiple directions so it holds up well on windy days. Supporting the flags is a sturdy iron pole which is durable to offer years of reliable performance, making the most of your ad spend.

Sublimation printing results in high-quality text and vibrant graphics that make these outdoor flags stand out. The flags are easy to see from a distance so drivers have plenty of time to notice them and adjust their course to reach the pickup area.

Select a double-sided flag with graphics and text on each side to alert drivers coming from two directions or single-sided to face one way, based on your individual business needs. A one-sided flag shows the images and text on the reverse side at a 50-60% transparency rate so the messaging remains partially visible. You can also add special instructions to meet your branding requirements, such as a business phone number or parking space numbers for the customer to use when calling the establishment to announce their arrival.

Outdoor Flags are Portable and Easy to Install

The slim dimensions of the pole and the ability to roll up the outdoor flags save storage space when they're not in use. When it's time to put the pole and flag in place, lightweight construction makes them easy to transport to the designated site. Relocating the flag and pole to a new area as needed is a fast and simple job, saving valuable time and increasing return on investment.

The pole comes in two pieces and requires minimal assembly, saving time on set up. Once assembly is complete, simply stick it into the ground with the two prongs and then loop the double or single-sided flag over the horizontal portion. The process is quick and easy so you can start offering curbside pickup to customers sooner.

Pick Up Only Garden Flag is Ready to Use

Single- and double-sided flags are ready to use right out of the package, requiring no additional printing or design selection, so orders are quick and convenient to place. Text and graphics directly support the advertising of the curbside pickup service, giving customers more options. The messaging is clear and concise, helping customer service operations to run smoothly and successfully.

Curbside Pick Up Only Garden Flags Provide Customers With Guidance and Convenience

Curbside pickup flags tell customers where to go so they can receive their order quickly and then be on their way, increasing their satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

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