Covid-19 Testing Please Wait in your Car Floor Decals


Covid-19 Testing Decals Available With A Rich Matte Finish

Informative signage for dealing with visitors at health care facilities, our floor decals for Covid-19 testing are made from great quality monomeric PVC material. Curated with a material thickness of 210 microns, the adhesive decals are a quick safety measure to keep everybody safe. Easy to read and understand from a distance, the floor decals come in multiple sizes and can also be customized as per the required measurements.

Possessing a graphic weight of 235 GSM, the decal is made using an eco-solvent printing process in full color. Printed with a 720 DPI resolution, the decals are sure to retain their luster for a long time.

Crafted to relay an important message to the patients, our custom floor decals can be easily applied on the floor with the help of a squeegee. With a glue peel strength of =12N/25mm, the adhesive decals are an effective and economical solution.

Strong and durable, the decals come with free super saver shipping for orders above $99. Easy to paste all over your parking lot or drive-through area, the floor decals are quite useful in defeating the pandemic. Buy now!

Custom Floor Decals With Multiple White Ink Options

Available with a flash-cut finish, the covid-19 testing decals come with multiple white ink choices. Good for picture effects, the ‘no white ink’ option involves washing out all the colors. Upon selecting the ‘partial white ink’, only white colors in the artwork are backed with the ink.

The ‘full white ink’ option consists of backing all the colors in the artwork with the ink. This option helps in solidifying the colors on the sticker for prolonged use.

Bulk Quantity Discount Applicable on Floor Decals

Designed to notify visitors to wait in the car, our custom floor decals come at a special discounted price when ordered in large quantities. The more decals you order at once, the lower they will cost you overall. Hence, you should purchase multiple decals in one go to obtain the best price. Place your order now!