Covid-19 Temporary Closure Vinyl Banners


Clearly Communicate the Status of Your Store's Closure with Vinyl Banners

High-Quality Vinyl Banners Offer Durability and Customization.

To convey the current operational status of the store is a matter of concern, especially when the store is inactive or operating online. Businesses need to alert their clientele to changes while still encouraging sales. Make it simple for onlookers and bystanders to understand the message with our temporary closure signs. You can display other important information like your website address and contact numbers to facilitate communication with customers.

Composed of high-quality PVC flex graphic material, our vinyl banners last a long time. They are reusable and can withstand extreme weather. This helps to reduce advertising and marketing expenditures, making them more cost effective.

Our full color banners supply a wide color spectrum and color matching for vivid, eye-catching graphics. The crisp 720 DPI printing means that the text is visible from a distance, so passers-by can quickly take in your message and be directed to your website.

We offer many customization options. You may choose to have your banners printed on one side or both. Two sided banners have a greater reach, with the message visible on both the front and back. Lamination and wind flaps are also available as options on custom banners. Enhance the appearance of the banners by adding additional attachments or upgrade to our premium 16 oz with UV printing. Display the banners on poles or walls by choosing the appropriate fasteners, whether grommets, tabs, or pole pockets, depending on your business needs.

Temporary Closure Signs are Portable and Easy to Care For

Easy to roll and transport, the vinyl banners are highly portable. The ability to move the signs quickly adds to the convenience of repositioning. Being lightweight, the communication tools can be transferred quickly from one location to another, making them a one-time purchase, which results in an increase in ROI.

""The printed banners are easy to clean with simply a damp cloth, eliminating the need for any detergent, thus saving time and resources for increased efficiency"".

Vinyl Banners Are Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly banners are the finest option when it comes to the environment. Constructed with eco-solvent printing, the full color banners are sustainable. Being a recyclable product, they have a low carbon footprint. The banners help fulfill the business's goal of communicating that they're experiencing temporary closure while also serving the purpose of social responsibility by keeping the environment healthy and pollution-free.

Inform the Public of your Status with Temporary Closure Signs

Durable and portable, our banners communicate to potential customers that your business is temporarily closed.

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