Covid-19 Screening This Way Compliance Signs


Guide Patients To Testing Labs with Screening This Way Compliance Signs

Compliance Signs are High-Quality, Durable, and Customizable

Health screening stations located inside healthcare facilities with complex layouts need ways to guide visitors to their destination. Upon arrival, patients may be unsure of where to go. Our outdoor signs provide clear and easy-to-read messaging sending visitors in the right direction. This provides reassurance to patients and also prevents unnecessary interaction between staff and those who are potentially contagious.

Aluminum sheet construction provides long-lasting and durable printed signs that resist corrosion. This allows you to display them outdoors and in areas with low temperatures or where moisture is present. The 0.046-inch thick material also maintains its durability while being thin enough to easily able to fit into a space without projecting from the wall.

Directional signs feature UV-stable ink that resists smearing and smudging from moisture, ensuring that it remains clear and legible. These inks also resist scratches so wear and tear won't obscure the message. The bold and crisp lettering captures the eye of those looking for the screening location, putting them on the right path more quickly. UV-stable ink is bright and visible from a distance to those approaching, promoting quick recognition and understanding of the directional guidance.

Several size options are available to meet the needs of your healthcare facility or medical practice. Choose a size based on the distance from which patients will see them, with large signs to place at the end of long hallways and smaller ones to put directly in front of or beside entrance doors. Size selection may also be based on whether they will be used as indoor or outdoor signs, with a larger sign being easier for drivers to see as they approach in their vehicles.

Directional Signs are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

The recyclable nature of the aluminum material makes these printed signs eco-friendly. By using these signs, you're letting others know that your company makes socially responsible choices. Your company will also save on waste management in the long-term, since the signs can be disposed of in a cost-effective manner.

Pre-drilled holes in the corners of the directional signs make installation quicker and easier by accommodating mounting hardware when attaching to masonry, drywall, or other material. The rectangular shape is also easy to check to ensure level placement. The smooth, rounded radius corners prevent the need to handle sharp edges.

Compliances Signs are Ready to Use Right Out of the Box

There's no need to pick out a design or find optimal graphic branding for these printed signs. Each one comes pre-printed with a clear and concise message along with a directional arrow. The black and white color scheme also easily integrates with surrounding decor so you don't need to spend time color coordinating.

Screening Test Compliance Signs Provide Directions to Visiting Patients

Screening signs are a lightweight and easy to install solution that offers reliable guidance to those seeking assistance.

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