Covid-19 Screening This Way Acrylic Signs


Direct Patients to Testing Sites with Screening Test This Way Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Patients visiting medical practices in search of test screenings for communicable diseases may not know the location of the testing site. They may then in turn seek assistance and directions indoors, potentially causing delays and exposing others to contagion. Acrylic signs displaying directions to the location of the testing site saves time for both the visitors and on-site staff by telling the patient immediately where they need to go. This is also helpful for drive-through testing sites, where the signs prevent patients from having to exit their vehicles.

A 5mm-thick cast acrylic material makes up these outdoor signs, giving them thermal stability that withstands a wide range of climates and temperatures. They also resist the cracking patterns of crazing and scratches, ensuring that the signs remain clearly legible. High tensile strength resists tearing, protecting the signs against wear and making them suitable for outdoor display.

UV printing directly onto the substrate creates consistent print quality and vibrant, stand-out color. This makes the printed signs clearly visible from a distance to both pedestrians and drivers.

Customize these direction signs to meet your needs, choosing from a range of available sizes or designating a custom size. Choices for mounting include hole placement at each corner, at the left and right, at the top and bottom, or no holes, so you can hang the signs in your preferred manner. Standoff designs that leave a gap between the sign and the wall and no-standoff designs for flush mounting are also available.

Printed Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

Lightweight and portable, outdoor signs take up minimal space in storage prior to installation. They are simple to transport when it's time to install, with multiple signs being easy to pick up and move at the same time. The signs are also easy and convenient to relocate if new testing areas are designated, increasing return on investment.

Direction signs are pre-printed with text and a directional arrow indicating the location of a screening and testing area, saving you the time of picking a design. They are ready to use and install right out of the package, allowing for quick turnaround time for testing site sign set-up.

Bulk Discount and Multiple Shipping Options Available on Acrylic Sign Orders

Ordering signs in bulk reduces the price of each individual sign, with prices decreasing more as the size of the order increases. Choose from multiple shipping options to fit your budget and receive the signs in a timely manner that meets your schedule.

Direction Signs for Guiding Patients to Screening Sites

Durable acrylic testing site signs make it easier for visitors to know where they need to go to receive health screenings.

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