Covid-19 Prevention Wash your Hands Vinyl Posters


Avert Spread of Diseases with Prevention Wash Your Hands Vinyl Posters

Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Wash Your Hands Posters

Maintaining a healthy environment in your business or enterprise goes a long way in improving overall productivity. Organizations exposed to contact with the public pose a high risk of the spread of airborne and infectious diseases. An efficient way to limit cross-contamination is through frequent hand washing. Our wash your hands posters and signs come with clear text and graphics that prompt individuals to wash their hands. This practice removes potentially harmful organisms such as bacteria and viruses from your hands to hinder disease spread.

Crafted from tough 100-micron white monomeric calendered vinyl, hand wash posters are hard-wearing. This abrasion-resistant material can withstand impact to reduce wear and tear. With a grams per square meter (GSM) rating of 130, the posters offer good durability. The sturdy build resists water damage and allows use in outdoor locations.

Wash hands vinyl posters come with 720 DPI printing to ensure the production of crisp text and graphics. This high resolution provides easy visibility even from a distance. Full-color prints easily capture the attention of passersby. The wide color gamut offers high-quality, vibrant prints to ensure the posters effectively remind your staff and customers to wash hands.

Our printed posters come in a broad variety of designs for versatility. You can customize the size and add branding to match your unique requirements. Choose lamination, such as matte or gloss, and UV print options for diverse applications. Customized display techniques let you show warnings and precautions to every person that steps through your door to visit your business.

Choose from a Broad Variety of Eco-Friendly, Ready-to-Use Vinyl Posters

Made using lightweight materials, our full-color posters are ready to use. The pre-designed messages that enforce hand washing save you time and effort.

Our range of printed posters feature eco-solvent printing. Eco-solvent printing processes involve biodegradable ingredients to help reduce carbon footprint. It's important for organizations to promote healthy work environments to boost worker satisfaction and perceived air quality.

Order Wash Your Hands Posters in Bulk

BannerBuzz offers a discount on bulk quantity orders that range from 2 to above 500 pieces. This lets you use the posters in multiple locations.

Wash Your Hands Vinyl Posters For Hygienic Living

Maintain a healthy environment while improving productivity in your office using durable vinyl posters.

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