Covid-19 Prevention Wash your Hands Roll Up Banner Stands


Maintain Hygiene with COVID-19 Prevention Roll Up Banner Stands

Roll-Up Banner Stands are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

During an outbreak, businesses must communicate effectively to protect employees, visitors, and the facility from germs and viruses. To prevent the transmission of illnesses, you should implement hygiene requirements and post signs to remind visitors and employees. Our retractable banner stands give you a way to encourage people to wash their hands frequently, ensuring that your business embraces a hygiene-conscious culture.

Our wash your hands banner stands comprise durable aluminum hardware that is rust-resistant, ensuring the signage holds up well. The material also has a high tensile strength, allowing you to use and store the signs without worrying that the banner stands will break. The 280-micron polypropylene graphic material is moisture-resistant for longevity and reliable outdoor use.

Graphics printed in 600 DPI are crisp and high-resolution, allowing visitors to see and read the text, even from a distance. Thanks to full color UV printing, the portable banner stands have a vibrant print finish with sharp contrast and a resistance to fading. People's attention is drawn to high-quality images, which ensures your message of disease prevention is communicated effectively.

Customize your order to match your business needs. If you already have a banner or a stand, order them separately; otherwise, order the stand and banner together. Outdoor banner stands are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific requirements. This allows you to get exactly the product you need, preventing waste and reducing your overall ad spend.

Retractable Banner Stands are Portable and Ready to Use

The lightweight materials we use on our wash your hands banner stands allows you to transport the signage easily. Place and rearrange the signs as needed to maximize your message's exposure for the safety of your guests and employees. By repurposing the banner stands, you can avoid the cost of purchasing new signage every time, increasing your ROI.

Outdoor banner stands are pre-printed with a message encouraging visitors to wash their hands frequently to prevent illness spread. Installation is quick and allows you to remind visitors about proper hygiene practices right away.

Roll-Up Banner Stands are Easy to Maintain

Wiping with a soft, moist cloth is all it takes to keep the portable banner stands clean. You don't even need a cleaning solution. Maintain the cleanliness of the banner stands to capture visitors' attention and remind them to practice good hygiene.

Remind Visitors to Wash Hands with Retractable Banner Stands

BannerBuzz banner stands are durable and high-quality signage that encourage visitors to maintain sanitation to keep your facility safe from infectious illnesses.

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