Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Garden Flags

Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Garden Flags

  • Printed flags are ready-to-use to save you time.
  • Crafted using sublimation printing, resulting in high readability and vivid graphics.
  • Effortless installation process with no additional tools needed.

Demarcate Pickup Zones with Takeout Curbside Available Garden Flags

Garden Flags are High Quality, Customizable, and Easy to Install

To avoid the risk of contracting an illness through exposure to contagious airborne pathogens, many facilities are switching over to providing takeout services and curbside pickup. If you want to get the word out to your existing customer base or to potential customers about providing curbside pickup service, the curbside signs available on BannerBuzz are suitable communication tools. The flags on offer are effective in reaching out to your local community and passersby. The signs alert readers that you provide this service, helping to secure your customer base even in situations when you cannot offer the option to dine in.

Our takeout signs offer high-quality images created using sublimation printing methods, which provide smooth color variations because the ink sinks into the surface as a gas rather than sitting in individual dots on top of the product. As a result, the bright colors and clear wording make the signs stand out and provide excellent readability, even at a distance. This attracts the notice of drivers and pedestrians to pull in new customers and enhance your ROI.

BannerBuzz offers you the option to purchase these flags in two different print options - single-sided and double-sided. This customization option helps you acquire a product tailored to your needs. Graphics printed on both sides assist you in distributing more information, whereas single-side printed flags show the graphics on the back-side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.

No extra tools are necessary to put up these flags, offering a straightforward installation process. All you have to do is slide the provided iron pole inside the fabric, and the garden flag is ready to place where needed.

Takeout Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

The curbside signs are lightweight, which makes the signs easy to place and reposition as per your needs. As you can easily reuse the notices in multiple locations, this decreases your ad spend and makes the signs cost-effective advertising tools.

Access a quick selection and order placement process thanks to the pre-printed feature offered with the printed signs. This helps you by saving time and effort in self-designing. As the signs are ready to use, you can quickly get the word out to your local community, preventing loss of revenue and keeping loyal customers content.

Garden Flags are Easy to Procure from BannerBuzz

Easy to procure, the takeout signs allow for convenient doorstep delivery, along with the option to choose from multiple shipping options based on your budget and the speed with which you need the products delivered. BannerBuzz ensures that every delivery observes the utmost care and hygiene measures.

Printed Flags Help Advertise Takeout and Curbside Pickup Service

Make visitors and passers-by aware of the takeout and curbside pickup services offered by your facility. Retain your existing customers while also expanding your consumer base with curbside signs from BannerBuzz.

Shop for Covid-19 Takeout Curbside Available Garden Flags for your business online at BannerBuzz.