Shipping in Norway

We’re buzzing in Norway! Our plans? Making you happy. We’re partnering with local businesses, using some production facilities, and partnering there to offer great services at the lowest rates.

$0.99/SF for all banners over 200 sq.ft.
Shipping Charges:
Order Value ($) Priority Express Standard Ground Super Saver
0 - 99 $28.93 $21.68 $14.43 Free Shipping
100 - 199 $47.78 $27.48 $8.63 Free Shipping
200 - 299 $65.18 $36.18 $12.98 Free Shipping
300 - 399 $85.48 $56.48 $14.43 Free Shipping
400 and above 21.75% of the order value 14.5% of the order value 4.35% of the order value Free Shipping
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Got it. Place order. Prices mentioned are in USD. Your local taxes and duties may still be applicable.
All about shipping to Norway
  • All international orders will be shipped via UPS or FedEx with a two-day international priority shipping mode.
  • In case we do not produce a product locally, it will be shipped from one of our own manufacturing facilities or from our partner. In all cases product specs remain exactly the same.
  • We have set up our shipping accounts, where we will be paying customs wherever applicable, but we will not be responsible for any additional local duties or taxes.
  • Design Print Banner will not be responsible for any delays caused by shipping carrier or local authorities.
  • For the customer who pays with paypal e-check, orders will be shipped after the payment is clear.
  • We accept payment in USD and we are not responsible for any additional fees or charges by your bank or credit card company.
  • We follow US holiday-schedule. Please add US holidays when calculating delivery dates.