Coronavirus Five Steps of Prevention Straight Pillow Case Backdrop


Emphasize Preventive Measures with Coronavirus 5 Steps Pillow Case Backdrop

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Stopping or slowing the spread of illness in the workplace begins with the implementation of preventative safety measures. These practices require periodic reinforcement for new employees and visitors as well as existing ones. With straight pillow case backdrops, clients and workers in the facility see a reminder of encouraged habits in a bold and high-profile visual form. The instructions are also easy to read and understand.

Made of 230 GSM polyester fabric, the marketing backdrops stand up to daily wear for a long life. Strong, sturdy frames keep the polyester backdrops supported and upright wherever you place them. This allows for installation in a variety of settings, including conference rooms, lobbies, and shared office areas.

Dye-sublimation, full color, 1440 DPI printing creates a bold and easily legible message across these polyester backdrops. With large and crisp lettering and succinct text, instructions are easy to read and fully grasp at a glance. The graphics in the background further draw the eye, helping to ensure that the important message about the prevention of airborne diseases is read by those nearby.

These graphic backdrops are available in a range of sizes to achieve maximum visual impact, whether in a large or small space. You may set up the backdrops with or without the frame hardware, as best fits your needs and the limitations of the space. The included frames provide the option of displaying different graphics and signage as required by a business or facility.

Polyester Backdrops are Portable, Easy to Install, and Ready to Use

The frames included with the marketing backdrops are made of lightweight aluminum, making them easy to transport. Moving the signage to a new space or in and out of storage is a simple task, requiring little effort. The frame and graphic components snap together handily for fast installation and setup, and quickly disassemble for storage.

Pre-printed and pre-designed, the graphic backdrops come ready to attach to the frames for display right out of the packaging. The text and graphics need no further modification, allowing the signs to begin serving as a reinforcement of sanitary practices immediately upon installation.

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops Feature Easy Care and Cleaning

Polyester fabric allows the graphic backdrops to be machine-washed, saving time and effort during care and maintenance. Use cold water and a mild detergent to extend the life of the individual backdrop. After washing, line dry, dry flat or tumble dry at the lowest possible setting before returning it to the frame.

Transmit Hygienic Practices Instructions With Straight PIllowcase Backdrops

These long-lasting marketing backdrops feature clear and legible text that allows you to share and reinforce illness-preventing instructions over extended periods of time.

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