Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Yard Signs (Non reflective)

Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Yard Signs (Non reflective)

  • Durable, weather-resistant construction protects the sign and hardware from the elements.
  • High quality UV printing in full color produces clearly legible text.
  • Customize an order with multiple available sizes.
  • The signs are lightweight and conveniently portable.
  • Ready-to-use signs go into immediate effect after placement.

Direct Visitors With Stop Here if You Have Coronavirus Symptoms Yard Signs

Yard Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

A common concern at many firms is a potential client or visitor with symptoms of a communicable illness. They may require sequestering away from others so they can receive attention without furthering the spread. Yard signs with a clear health alert message give these visitors instructions, keeping them from entering a facility if they have symptoms and minimizing their contact with others. These make helpful additions to physicians' practices, clinics, and many other types of business.

Corflute plastic construction makes these bulk yard signs sturdy and durable as well as water-resistant. They are able to withstand rainy and windy weather, remaining intact and legible in the elements.

Workplace safety signs and symbols are clearly visible and legible from a distance thanks to high quality 600 DPI printing. Full color UV printing directly onto the substrate creates vibrant colors and crisp text that remains clear to passerby and resists fading.

Various customization options are available, including a range of sizes. We even offer custom sizing to fit individual needs. Printing on one or both sides is available to handle traffic from one or two directions. Order yard signs with metal stakes for easy placement. If you only need replacement signs, or when using an alternate mounting and display method, you may choose to leave out the stakes.

Workplace Safety Signs and Symbols are Portable and Ready to Use

Lightweight and portable, these yard signs are conveniently modular for transport from storage to the chosen location of display. The signs are also convenient to relocate to a new position if traffic flow changes or if more optimal display areas become available.

Pre-printed with a health-alert message and pre-cut to the correct size, these workplace safety signs and symbols are ready to use immediately upon receipt. Installation is a fast and easy process and the warning provided goes into immediate effect.

Yard Signs Available in Bulk With Multiple Shipping Options

You may only need a handful of health alert signs for a single location or for a small chain of establishments. Large enterprises may need bulk yard signs, availing them of the discount that applies to larger orders. Several available shipping options offer delivery speeds and prices that match your needs and your available budget. Doorstep delivery is available for those who need immediate access.

Direct Symptomatic Visitors Away From Others with Health Alert Yard Signs

Durable construction and UV printing extends the life of these signs so that they can communicate their health and safety message for the duration of the need.

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