Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Floor Decals


Alert People to Not Enter Premises with Stop if You Have Symptoms Decals

Floor Decals are Durable, High Quality, and Eco-Friendly

Establishments, particularly health care facilities, face a challenge when working towards preventing the spread of infectious diseases. To protect the public, we must keep away people who are contagious from healthy individuals. By using these decals in your facility, you can easily let people know that they should not enter if they have symptoms. As a result, keeping patients, health care workers, and other individuals safe from infectious pathogens.

Made from monomeric PVC material, our health alert floor decals allow for resistance to UV light, oils, alkalis, oils, and many types of inorganic chemicals. Since they resist the harmful effects of UV light, they are ideal for use in outdoor settings. With a thickness of 210 microns and a graphic weight of 235 GSM, they will withstand wear and tear. The glue peel on this floor decal helps keep it firmly in place.

With bold colors such as red, green, and black, these vinyl floor decals are easily visible and vibrant to catch attention. They have large letters in multiple colors to offer clear messaging to everyone. By being visible even from a distance, they quickly alert people not to enter a certain area if they are experiencing symptoms.

Featuring a biodegradable eco-solvent printing process, these floor decals are less harmful to the environment than other printed decals. Crafted from sustainable materials, the stickers have a reduced carbon footprint to limit the amount of resources that are used or disposed of, providing an eco-friendly solution.

Vinyl Floor Decals are Customizable and Easy to Apply

You can easily customize these health alert floor decals to meet your unique and specific needs. Choose from one of the pre-set sizes, or choose a custom size to fit the dimensions of your facility. You can also select from no white, partial white ink, or full white ink per your messaging preferences and requirements.

The included squeegee tool makes these custom floor decals quick and easy to install. Press firmly with the tool to make sure that no air bubbles are present after application and that the surface of the decal is even and smooth. A high-quality pre-adhesive backing ensures that you can securely fix the decals on a clean surface and keep it firmly in place.

Save Time and Money With Bulk Discounts, Easy Ordering and Shipping on Floor Decals

Enjoy generous discounts on bulk orders of these vinyl floor decals and reduce your establishment's operating budget. Choose from multiple shipping options to take advantage of the right balance between shipping speed and prices. Doorstep delivery is also available for the decals to offer you greater convenience.

Custom Floor Decals For Keeping Individuals Safe From Contagious Diseases

Keep contagious individuals away from employees and high-risk people by using these decals. They are durable, vibrant, highly visible, and easy to install.

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