Top 6 Ways to Market Your Calligraphy Business to Potential Customers

Compared to something that is created and printed digitally, the feel and aesthetics of calligraphy – or something that is handcrafted – are simply unmatchable. Although an appealing business, the calligraphy market is tough to break into as it is meant for a niche audience and a specific class of people with an artistic mind.

If you’re also into the calligraphy business and looking to attract more customers to market your craft, here are some top ideas to explore:

Provide Seasonal Offers

Providing seasonal offers to your target audience is an excellent way to attract more clients and market your business. For instance, if you are in the wedding invitation calligraphy market, make sure to leverage the wedding season to your advantage. Remember that wedding invitations are designed well in advance to be sent out to guests beforehand, so plan accordingly.

Likewise, if your wedding season audience has a specific or customized preference, such as a matching style with their banners, yard signs, and frames, make sure to offer them unique ideas to fulfill their expectations and increase the likelihood of word-of-mouth publicity for your business. Another interesting idea to attract more customers is to run several discount offers for the wedding season.

Send out Flyers and Adverts 

When it comes to niche businesses such as calligraphy, one of the most effective marketing strategies is to use flyers and adverts. You can design interesting adverts and flyers with unique and appealing fonts to let your audience know about the kind of work they can expect from you when they decide to use your services.

Also, make sure you offer your contact information, including your number, address, email, etc., so that customers can contact you or visit your store to either place an order or check out samples with fonts they wish to have as per their specific requirement. 

Build a Website

You can get a professional web designer on board to get a website built for your business. Since calligraphy is not a usual business idea, it requires targeted marketing and a decent presence on the Internet. A well-made website makes the task of marketing your calligraphy business much easier.

Once the website is created, all you need to do is photograph and display all your calligraphy work and projects on your website. Another thing that you need to keep in mind here is to have an online order facility set up on your website. This will not only broaden your reach to a wider audience but will make it easier for clients across the world to access your artistic calligraphy. 

Network, Network, and Network!

Networking is one of the most important aspects of achieving success in the calligraphy business and attracting more clients. Build a strong network of professionals who can make it easier to get work for you. This includes wedding planners, event managers, wedding photographers, and more.

Try to build various means of proper and ongoing communication with them so that they can refer to clients they are already working with and vice-versa. The idea is to build a mutually beneficial partnership where both parties get the advantage of referrals and work together as a team on weddings or other similar events.

Start a Blog About Calligraphy

Blogging is an excellent way to market your calligraphy business and attract customers who are interested in hiring calligraphy services. Apart from helping you draw the attention of new clients to your services, blogging about your calligraphy services also allows you to monetize your business through other methods such as advertisements or affiliate marketing.

To do this, you can employ simple SEO research techniques. Accordingly, you can build a content strategy that is a mix of your expertise in the area and the most commonly searched calligraphy works. Writing blog pieces that are instructional in nature, for instance, or talking about the various tools used in calligraphy is a great idea, as it provides your audience an easy guide on various calligraphy techniques. 

Create and Sell Online Calligraphy Courses

Another interesting way to attract customers to your calligraphy business and market it is by teaching calligraphy skills to an interested lot through a free or paid online course. These might include design professionals looking to learn the art of calligraphy or people interested in learning calligraphy as just another skill or hobby.

To get started, all you need to do is create an online calligraphy course and find a popular platform (Facebook/Instagram Live) to host the course. You can also promote your course through different mediums, including your website, blog, various social media platforms, or simply through an email list of your target audience.

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