Statistics-Backed Ways to Give Your Brand A Boost

Your brand is your company’s identity. It’s the barometer customers use to distinguish your company from the competition. Building your brand and boosting brand awareness are vital for your business’ success. Color choice, brand voice, advertising materials, logo, and marketing channels play critical roles in a successful brand strategy. 

Here are some examples of companies with unique brand identities and effective brand strategies:

Apple: one of the most identifiable brands of its time. From its crisp logo to its clean aesthetic and commitment to continued innovation, Apple has positioned itself as a thought-leader within the tech space. 

IKEA: everything about this company screams Euro-centric design. The bright blue and yellow logo is easily distinguishable and the minimalist furniture design is echoed by the layout of Ikea’s brick and mortar locations. 

Nike: the simple Nike swoosh is known around the world. Nike’s famous slogan “Just do it” is just as iconic as the company’s logo and black and white aesthetic. 

There are some common brand strategies to consider as you develop your identity. Building a strong brand and knowing how to showcase your business will determine your success.

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