Small Business Solutions: 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Message Board

Message boards are an excellent advertising asset. They can help you gain visibility, are reusable, as you can easily change the message, and last you several good years (especially ones with metallic frames). Setting up a message board takes little time and skill, as all you need to do is prop it up and place it in a high traffic area, and it will do the job.

The only issue is that unlike banner stands, which come in configurable sizes, message boards offer limited space. As such, you have to rely on making an impact with whatever little you have. If you are looking to produce a head-turner, here are some tips that can help.

Share Primary Offerings

Message boards are typically used by restaurants, cafes, salons, tattoo parlors, and basically any business that accepts walk-in customers. Against this background, the best way to front-load value on your message board is by displaying your primary offerings. 

This includes products or services (think menus, rate lists for services, lists of fresh produce, etc.) that may pique the customers’ interests. It can serve as a hook for those passing by, as they will casually scan what you have to offer and visit your business after making a choice about what they want.

Garnish With Some Humor

Humor adds flavor to advertising. Message boards already have a reputation for being fun, quirky, and witty, so why not live up to those expectations? If you’ve been on the Internet for long, you know that gen-Z humor, millennial humor and boomer humor are always locking horns. That being said, you need to match the humor of your message board with your target audience.

In other words, the humor element must be curated. Experiment with what tickles your audience’s funny bone while also staying politically correct, and you will have customers swarming into your store.

Show, Don’t Tell

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In such cases, art surely helps convey a whole lot of emotions that you may otherwise struggle with given a limited word count. See it as a high-stakes game of Pictionary. You may need to turn up your creative juices to the max and go Van Gogh on the message board.

If you are not that gifted, you can always hire an artist to take on this responsibility for you and turn in masterpiece after masterpiece every single time. However, avoid overcomplicating the drawings; any fast-paced passerby must comprehend your message in a fleeting glance. Anything less would need a redo.

Add Directional Cues

Message boards can be instrumental in leading prospects toward your store. This ability is extremely critical when your business is located in a crowded, inaccessible spot or you are advertising some distance away from your location.

Apart from the arrows or directions on the message board, you can also install a few flags that will lead the way. Place such markers at eye level so that they can be in the line of sight of any potential customer, and they can then follow the trail.

Drop What’s Hot

If you have a competitive differentiator available for a limited period, then they deserve a special spot on your message board. It could be a seasonal dish or an exotic fruit that is up for grabs on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Rather than just informing prospects about this specialty, you need to pair it with a sense of urgency so that you can overcome any barriers and tap into the FOMO. This combination will generate significant demand for such limited-time offerings, which can further popularize your business.

Make Announcements

You may have your banners and decals for regular events and sales or promotional campaigns. There is no contesting how useful they can be in certain settings, but when space is a constraint, there is no better way to get your point across than through a customized message board. 

Use a splash of vibrant colors paired with large text and concise messaging, and you can stand out from the crowd. Plus, you can always bring these bad boys out whenever a similar campaign comes around.

Topical References Help

People love brands that can make pop culture references. It humanizes the business and creates an emotional bond, which can tip the scales in your favor. If you are in the loop about your favorite sports team, a trending show, something hot topic in the news, or even a viral trend, leverage it to your advantage and craft a message around it.

It will not only draw a chuckle out of someone, but shared interests could lay the foundation for long-term customer relationships, so use them generously!

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