Adventures in Axe Throwing in the Post-Lockdown Era

Axe throwing is a new sport where you throw an axe and either hit the bullseye or the target for points. There are a few different ways to promote your business in a fun way that can get a lot of attention now that you are reopening your store. You want to show that you are fun and can be efficient with your sanitizing, too. Here are 4 suggestions on how to show that in the best way possible while maximizing your advertising efforts.

  • Outdoor Advertising

The great thing about working in a partially outdoor place is that you can expand even more on your advertising and get twice as much out of it. Not only to adjust to the outdoor climate but also to offer more in your design and how you make others feel when showing the world what you can offer. Think about getting nifty and doing something new, like pop up signs in the walkthrough to your store. 

  • Be Bold with Your Advertising  

Be bold with your ideas and attendees by showing off your local team’s accomplishments with an outdoor flag. You can hang flags outside of your business with your gym name and team accolades like winnings, tournaments and then use another way to advertise further when people walk inside. They may have never known otherwise that there was a team for axe throwing before the flag was put up.

You can also announce the expansion and reopening of flags. There are a lot of different shapes you can go with, but the design on it is what really matters. They can also come in bright colors that will never clash with your existing logo and can be moved from place to place as needed. Flags are also good for displaying your solidarity with different causes with the public, as this marketing tool is a way to show that you are in tune with the world around you while having a voice of your own. With Gen Z and Millennials, this is imperative to making a sale.

  • Work on the Fly 

When people walk in your gym, they will see a great first impression of what you can offer as a unique sport with a new way of having fun, but how can others remember if they have no information to take with them? This is where flyers come in handy because they can be printed cheaply and feature all of your business name and contact information in addition to any new pricing and deals that may be going on when you are opening after lockdown to interest new people to join.

  • Saving Money

You can consistently save money with this method and take those very same flyers to post later online. This can be done with any program, but a streamlined platform to design all of this on is Canva. Canva is a free design platform that will also suggest different ways to tastefully change your logo and design over time that is on-brand for your company, so it’s like having two people working together on a common goal all the time.

  • Show Off Gym with Pride and Enthusiasm

There are several different ways to advertise effectively and with low cost with different flags, but one interesting looking one is the Blade Flag. This kind of flag can come with a stake that you can put in the ground in front of your business or on a laminate floor with a suction cup that makes for easy cleaning up , either way. They come in a variety of colors, with plenty of room to advertise what you need.

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