Awareness Garden Flags

Awareness Garden Flags

  • Flags measure 12 inches by 18 inches.
  • The message is printed on 90GSM knitted flag fabric.
  • Choose between single-sided and double-sided print.
  • Hardware made from solid iron poles.

Custom Awareness Garden Flags to Keep Your Customers, Employees, and Premises Safe

Whether you are hosting an outdoor party, conducting a yard sale, or operating your business outdoors, it is your responsibility to create awareness on burning issues. Here’s where Awareness Garden Flags can come in handy. They can create awareness on the best health and safety practices so that anyone who visits the premises stays safe.

These flags consist of two elements - an iron pole to hoist the flag and the flag fabric with the imprinted graphic.

You can customize the graphics by choosing from our wide variety of templates. Alternatively, you can directly upload your artwork, design using our nifty tool, or hire a professional to carry out the design.

Additionally, you can pick to print the graphics on one side of the flag or on either side. In the case of the former, the single-sided print will have 50-60% mirror-image visibility on the back. In contrast, the double-sided print will have two separate flags sewn together.

Awareness Flags for Durable Indoors and Outdoors Usage

Whether you install these awareness flags indoors or outdoors, they will continue to perform the same regardless. The flags retain their high visibility and optical clarity owing to the fact that they are digitally printed through the sublimation technique. It makes the colors stand out, which makes the graphic and the message crystal clear.

Additionally, the iron hardware is extremely robust and resistant to changing weather.

Garden Flags That Are Easy and Convenient to Install

These garden flags are easy and convenient to install. All you need to do is slip the horizontal arm of the flag holder into the sleeve of the flag or banner located at the top, and you are all set. Then, you can drive the pole into the moist ground simply by applying pressure on the top or striking it down with a hammer. Alternatively, you can also hang the flagpole on a wall or against a pillar if you wish to suspend the flags at a height or place them indoors. Either way, the installation does not require any professional intervention and can be done by any individual.

We even offer bulk order discounts, so you can save up on bulk purchases.