XL QLA Message Board White

XL QLA Message Board White


Elegant advertisement options for your business

  • Easy portability, courtesy a sturdy frame and attached wheels
  • No complicated assembly required
  • An industry standard design aimed at making your branding project easy and effortless
  • Durable and weather-resistant, built to last

With our versatile A-frame signs, now you can place emphasis on your local consumers on the go in a simple yet elegant way without having to worry about the expense or the hassle involved in items like handouts or flyers. These sidewalk signs feature an elegant white finish, designed to catch your customer's eye from afar, and ensures all letters displayed on it pop and shine. With a durable coating, our changeable letter signs are suited for outdoor advertising and come in unique design choices, such as the addition of reinforced wheels to the frame. All of this makes the XL QLA Message Board the most practical and effortless option for your brand’s consumer engagement needs. These white XL QLA Message Board A-frame signs can have a variety of uses, such as:

  • Advertisement signs or decoration for establishments like salons and cafes
  • Use by carnivals and fairs for advertisement or decorative purposes
  • Restaurant signs for menus, special discounts or discounts
  • Job advertisements for any physical establishment
  • Personal use for decoration and advertisement for property sale or garage sales

Grab your set of XL QLA Message Board White white A-frame signs now and put your brand's growth on an upward trajectory.