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all the tools you need to
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  • Window Decals Signs 5" x 4" starts at $1.99

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  • window static clings signs 5" x 4" starts at $1.99

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  • Perforated Window Signs 6" x 6" starts at $3.50

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  • Frosted Window Decals 5" x 4" starts at $1.99

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Blind your Customers with your Wares, not the Sun with Perforated Custom Window Signs

Nothing is more annoying to window shoppers than squinting to see a display! Fortunately, the perforated custom window signs we have at Bannerbuzz prevent that annoying sunlight from streaming into your display window and make the products on display clear as crystal from the outside.

Since the light is not reflected back onto their faces, more passersby will take a look at your wares and without getting distracted. These are made of a special film which is quite similar to the tinted variety you install on cars to prevent them from heating up.

Our custom window signs and custom window decals are easy to apply and take down as well since they come pre-glued. Even if you fail to stick it on correctly the first time, just unpeel it with ease and try again. The adhesive will not leave marks on the glass either. We guarantee the best quality signs as well as spectacular designs from our in-house designers. Have ideas of your own? Just choose from the number of templates we have on the website and make changes wherever you want. Send it to us and we will change it into a perforated window cling that will not disappoint.

Note: These custom window signs work to their maximum potential if one side receives more light than the opposite side.

All the tools you need to take your Business to the Next Level

Our clients always receive the best quality signs as well as prices that are hard to beat. Anyone can get their hands on our clear custom window decals for their advertizing needs and to stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Our static clear window clings are great choices if you are in the market for signage that can make logos or other artwork really stand out. These custom window decals can be stuck on both sides of a window glass display or any other glass surface. They actually have multiple uses; our customers are quite fond of using them as car decals and as stickers for rear windows.

Also known as clear custom window decals and frosted custom window decals, the types we have are only printed on clear vinyl, which is quite sturdy and durable to boot. They are white in color but they appear black or clear when they are printed. Additionally, the signs that are more than 4 feet in height and width are sent in two re-attachable pieces that can be installed easily.

If you wish to apply your custom window signs to the inside of your display glass or any other surface, just let us know in the instructions you send in your order. We will not ask you to pay more for reverse printing either!

Bannerbuzz has a wide variety of signs, custom window decals, clings and other signage that will take your store front to the next level. Let us help you make that possible by trusting us with your sign needs and we will deliver. Just call us at 800-580-4489 or fill in the inquiry form on our website if you wish to have a query answered. We will get back to you ASAP.