Sorry We are Temporarily Closed Vinyl Banners

Sorry We are Temporarily Closed Vinyl Banners

  • Made of high-quality PVC flex material.
  • Available in ready-to-ship, pre-printed design.
  • Offers custom sizes.
  • Comes with multiple hanging options.
  • Use of full color, 720DPI, eco-solvent & UV printing.

"Temporarily Closed" Vinyl Banners Made of PVC Flex

If your business is experiencing downtime due to COVID-19, inform your regular customers and visitors about this temporary suspension using our "Temporarily Closed" Vinyl Banners.

Our vinyl banners are made of high-quality PVC flex. The use of premium grade material as the base for the product offers long-term durability & weather resistance. The weight of graphics of the vinyl banners can be extended from 11 oz to 16 oz for greater strength and longevity.

Our banners are digitally printed using eco-solvent & UV printing techniques that are ecologically safe and biodegradable. Producing minimum carbon footprints, these printing technologies offer impeccable prints in high resolution and vivid clarity.

The vinyl banners are easy to clean and maintain. Gently wipe it down with soft, damp cloth using no cleaning solution.

Vinyl Banners are Available in Custom Size & Hanging Options

These custom vinyl banners are available in ten standard sizes, starting with as little as 3 X 2 ft and going all the way up to 6 X 10 ft. Additionally, you can choose a custom size according to your requirements.

Installing the custom vinyl banners is not a daunting task for they come with multiple hanging options. Although we recommend ultra strong adhesive tabs, you can also pick metal grommets and pole pockets suiting your specific needs.

Custom Vinyl Banners with Bulk Purchase Discounts

If you wish to place a bulk order, you have come to the right place. For all order quantities except for banners in the size 3 X 2 ft, we give a bulk quantity discount. Place your order today to grab your special discount. Choose 'Priority' shipping at checkout for fast delivery.