Stay Home Save Lives Vinyl Posters

Stay Home Save Lives Vinyl Posters

  • Designed using 100 micron white monomeric calendered vinyl.
  • Made of premium-quality white vinyl (opaque) material.
  • Full-color, 720DPI, eco-solvent printing technology used.
  • Has a graphic weight of 130GSM.

High-Quality Vinyl Posters Made of White Monomeric Calendered Vinyl Film

Vinyl posters are a convenient and effective way to share relevant and timely messages. With this set of "Stay Home - Save Lives" vinyl posters, you can do your part in promoting preventive measures to control the current Covid pandemic. Let the visible spaces you own be a warning and a reminder to the rest.

Our vinyl posters help you enhance the product's visibility or the business message you convey to create a long-lasting impression. They also come with glued backs that make them easy to install by peeling and sticking them anywhere before using.

Made up of 100 microns white monomeric calendered vinyl film, these vinyl posters are digitally printed. They can be applied on any solid surface ,including drywall, wood, metal, or glass. Our "Stay Home Save Lives" vinyl posters come with a graphic weight of 130GSM.

To help convey your message across perfectly, our posters are available in white color at the front and black color at the back.

Full-Color, 720DPI, Eco-Solvent Printing Used to Make Vinyl Posters

At BannerBuzz, our vinyl posters are engineered using full color, 720DPI, eco-solvent printing technology, with a white front / black back. These look striking and are preferred by many to exhibit your message clearly and beautifully.

Our printing technology helps us give you an unbeatable color match, longer print life, and clarity. What's more, our printing process adheres to all eco-friendly practices. The material used to manufacture the custom posters is an entirely biodegradable material, ensuring that you do not leave behind any harmful carbon footprint.

"Stay Home Save Lives" Vinyl Posters Available in Pre-Defined & Custom Sizes

Our custom posters come in three pre-defined sizes - 12'' x 18'', 18'' x 24'', 24'' x 24'', and 24'' x 36''. You can also customize the size as per your requirements.