Springer Message Board XL White

Springer Message Board XL White


Easy, customizable and versatile messaging

  • Durable and sturdy for outdoor events
  • Choose a changeable character set to complete your sign
  • Deluxe and extra large size ensures proper visibility

The Springer Message Boards are the perfect product for shop or store owners looking to increase their reach and visibility. Free to be used in a versatile manner is several places, including:

  • Restaurants, as a restaurant sign
  • Coffee Shops
  • Book launches
  • To publicize deals and discounts
  • Instructions during a fair or a college festival

The changeable letter signs allow the user to put up phrases and information at their will on the board. This eliminates the hassle of creating a new banner everytime you want to put up new information. The springer sandwich board sign is durable enough and holds itself well in outdoor events. It goes extremely well with any kind of event, be it commercial or residential. This outdoor sign is a good blend of style, customization and visibility. Get one today and broaden your reach!