Springer Message Board Plain

Springer Message Board Plain


The essential item for effective message and marketing

  • Easy changeover of letter
  • Effortless advertising of deals and discounts
  • Suitable for salons and boutiques, restaurants and outdoor shops
  • Sturdy and portable

Raise the visual appeal of your shop and business with Springer Message Boards that can double as both sidewalk signs and outdoor signs. Ultra versatile with easy changeover panels and letterheads working on a slide-in attachment mechanism. You can create various new and appealing messages with them to suit your specific needs. Compact and ready to serve a wide range of purposes, such as:

  • Outside coffee shops and restaurants displaying the special menu
  • Showing the offer of the day or deal of the week outside your showroom
  • Can be used to display the time of the visiting hours outside a hospital or other public places

Constructed using white plastic with an assortment of numbers, letters and symbols, these sandwich board signs are your one solution for both residential and commercial purposes. Mobility is another standout characteristic thanks to the lightweight build, making displaying messages on these frame signs a breeze.