Springer Deluxe Message Board White

Springer Deluxe Message Board White


A deluxe sign board for gorgeous messaging displays

  • Holds well outdoors and indoors
  • Suitable for displaying deals and discounts
  • Works well as a sidewalk board or a sandwich board to display messages

The White Springer Deluxe Board provides an easy solution to all your advertising and promotional needs. Looking to display a new offer or put up a new notice? All you'll need to do would be changing between the letter heads using the easy changeover letters. Versatile with its sleek body, the board can fit easily into compact spaces and never fails to catch those eyeballs. Ideal for various locations, such as:

  • Outside shops and businesses to display deals and discounts
  • Outside venues mentioning the details of the private event
  • Inside restaurants or outside coffee shops flashing special menus
  • As sidewalk signs and message boards outside salons and boutiques

The frame allows for a hassle free way to get your messages across loud and clear to your audience. They work perfectly in both private residences and commercial complexes. Economical and sturdy, the solid constructions allows it to withstand all weather conditions. Fun and quirky, the board goes a long way in advertising your products or flashing discounts enticingly every time without the need for complex setups. Make this one time investment to solve all your promotional needs.