Skytube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners

Skytube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners


Fly High Above the Competition

  • Light weight & durable aluminium frame
  • Full color polyester fabric with zipper
  • Hanging hardware included

Create an Imposing Impression with Sky Tube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners

Also known as non retractable graphics, sky tube tapered circle fabric hanging banners look magnificent in any trade show or convention. Hang them from the ceiling over your booth or displays and people will come from all corners of that hall to gather at your stall. The tapered design is 12' at the top and 10' at the base.

These trade show signs and banners are perfect if you want to make a lasting impression on the crowd gathered at that convention and make your competitors' stalls pale in comparison. However, we always urge our clients to keep their brand message as concise as possible to ensure maximum exposure. You will have plenty of time to educate visitors; just let your trade show signs and banners reel them in first with a few lines along with your brand logo. In this case, smaller is always better.

No need to worry. We will make sure that the design and wording are displayed with full effect on these circular, fabric hanging banners. These trade show signs and banners are fitted with 6 eyehooks that can be used to hang the banner from the ceiling and you can assemble it easily with help from the snap aluminum poles. If you have trouble or have never assembled one before, the event staff will be more than happy to assist you. Just let them know beforehand and they will also let you know any restrictions or hanging requirements that you will need to meet. Let us know as well as we will create your sky tube tapered circle fabric hanging banners accordingly.

Rivet your Target Customers' Attention with Hanging Circular Hanging Banners

These types of trade show signs and banners will not wrinkle once they are installed. The graphics on the banner will be pulled taut and wide once it is draped around its frame for a professional appearance. Create a lasting impression for your booths by hanging one over them and you will not have to do much else to attract visitors. Display specific products or reveal a new service, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish with our trade show signs and banners!

The tapered design of these trade show hanging signs make your brand message, logo and graphics more visible to onlookers from all angles. Plus, even though it is quite large, the banner and its components can fit easily in the canvas bag that comes with it. It is made for it, after all! Just store it in the bag, hoist it on your shoulder with the shoulder strap and head to your convention without delays.

Our fabric hanging banners are also quite popular in malls and department stores. Use them to display a certain service, discounts, sales and promotions to as many people as possible. The result? Instant advertising and exposure that is so cost effective, that you will not need to look to other solutions.

If you want to make your trade show event stand out or maximize your advertizing efforts, order our tapered fabric hanging banners today.