Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

  • Made out of durable FBB (Folding Box Board) material.
  • Customizable shipping boxes are ideal for packaging and shipping.
  • Upload your artwork or design online to customize your box.
  • Multiple printing options — outside only, inside & outside — are available.
  • Choice options for lamination include matte and gloss.

Quality Shipping Boxes Ideal For Managing Shipping Costs and Branding

Print vibrancy, durability, and secure packaging are some of the key characteristics every business thinks of when considering shipping boxes. Be it for packaging or shipping of your retail goods, you must take shipping costs and branding into consideration too. Our high-quality, low-weight, fully customizable shipping boxes extend you a perfect mix of many features. Our low-weight boxes keep a check on your shipping costs. Plus, the customization allows you to take your branding to the next level.

BannerBuzz small shipping boxes are constructed out of FBB material. Due to its high durability, FBB material has become the packaging material of choice for many businesses. The structurally solid construction of our boxes coupled with their secure tuck top ensures that your contents inside the box stay safe during the shipment. Besides, the locked bottom flap of the boxes doubles the security of the products inside them.

Our customizable shipping boxes allow you to add a branding touch to your packages. Take your brand to places with your brand logo, business name, or custom design printed on these boxes. Based on your unique printing needs, we will print your custom graphics outside and/or inside of the boxes.

You can either upload your print-ready logo or use our online design tool to design your custom boxes in minutes. Feel free to kickstart your design using any of our free shipping box templates at no extra cost. Or you can hire one of our expert designers for professional design help at a minimal price of $9.99.

The Impact of Sustainability and Rigidity on Shape and Printing Of Boxes

Another perk of our shipping boxes is that they are eco-friendly and have a lower environmental impact than their counterpart packaging solutions. FBB boxes, with their sustainable properties, are the best substitute for plastic packaging and are easy to recycle and repurpose.

The rigidity of these boxes allows them to hold their shape, making them ideal for shipping and transportation. The density, tightness, and high stability of our boxes also make for a perfect print surface, resulting in impactful graphics.

Gloss/Matte Lamination For The Final Touch

To finish, you have a choice of matte and gloss lamination. Getting your shipping box laminated will keep your print surface protected from damage or abrasions. While gloss adds a sheen to your shipping boxes, matte lamination lends a sophisticated finish. Regardless of which lamination technique you pick, it will increase the durability of the print surface of your boxes.