School Property Rules Enforced Sign

School Property Rules Enforced Sign

  • Made of aluminium sheet of 1.2mm thickness.
  • Full color, 600 DPI, UV printing technique used.
  • Comes with mounting holes for hassle-free installation.
  • Special discounts are applicable on bulk orders.

Our Compliance Signs are Made of an Aluminum Sheet

Keeping students safe on school property helps in preventing unwanted mishaps. Our easy-to-read compliance signs help school authorities in ensuring proper disciplinary practices on the school premises. These signs come in bold letters and remain easily noticeable amongst passersby.

Our collection of rule signs alerts students about the prohibited use of alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, cellphones, and drugs. These signs come with bold letters and symbols, helping your message remain clear amongst students.

We use an aluminum sheet having a 1.2 mm material thickness to make our compliance signs. The material makes these signs highly durable and long-lasting. Additionally, aluminum is also weather-resistant, keeping the patio signs intact despite the harsh weather conditions outside.

Our school property rules enforced sign is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We provide mounting holes in each corner with a diameter of 5 to 7 mm (approx), to allow hassle-free installation of the signs.

Rule Signs Made Using Full-Color, 600 DPI, UV Printing Technology

We print the compliance signs using the full-color 600 DPI and UV-resistant printing technology. This helps in giving them the best color match, a longer print life, and clarity.

Our printing technology also adheres to all eco-friendly practices. The material used to manufacture this window cling is an entirely biodegradable material, ensuring that customers do not leave behind any harmful carbon footprint.

Bulk Quantity Discounts Applicable on Rule Signs

For all orders ranging from 2-100, we offer special discounts. The amount varies depending upon the quantity of your purchase. Whether you are a small institution or a large one, save on spending on signages by buying in bulk. Shop online for school property rules enforced sign to grab your special discount.