Rolling Springer Message Board White

Rolling Springer Message Board White

  • The frame is made of white plastic.
  • Dimensions of the frame are 42” x 29” & weight is 19lbs.
  • Comes with a letter-kit containing 314 letters & numbers & symbols.
  • Good for outdoor use.
  • Special pricing on bulk order available.

Durable Plastic Material is Used to Create Our Rolling Springer White Message Board

Create and display new, out-of-the-box messages with our white message board. Easy-to-change characters and wheel mobility make it the perfect marketing tool to multiply your clientele. It’s perfect for display outside restaurants, retail outlets, book launches or personal events where it can easily catch people's attention.

Our white-hued rolling springer white message board frame is made of good quality, durable plastic. The frame dimensions are 42” x 32” and it weighs 22lbs. Lightweight and convenient to use, it can be assembled with ease - all you need to do is attach the frame to legs.

These white message boards are portable with an integrated handle and wheels attached to the legs of the frame. You can effortlessly move them to different locations to publicize your message.

The material used in our white message boards can withstand harsh weather conditions. Hence, they are a perfect advertizing tool for outdoor settings too.

White Message Board Comes with a Letter Kit Having 314 Changeable Characters

Our white message board comes with a letter kit which has 314 characters, letters, numbers and symbols. The structure of the board is such that the letters slide in and out of the frame easily whenever you need to change your message. The base of each letter is 4.5” in height and is made of white plastic. The characters printed on them are 4” high. The letters are printed in black and the symbols in red color.

The numbers in the kit of the white message board are 6 each of numbers 0 to 9. Letters are 18 each of E, 15 each of A, 12 each of I and S, 9 each of L, N, O, P, R, T and Z, 6 each of B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, M, U, V, W and Y, 3 each of Q and X. The symbols included are 11 each of period, 8 each of star, 5 each of – ((dash), 4 each of $, 3 each of: colon and bullet, 2 each of &, %, € and cent.

Get a Bulk Order Discount on Our Rolling Springer White Message Board

Enjoy our bulk quantity discount and order any number of our white message boards. The bigger the order, the larger will be the discount for you to grab. Checkout our ‘Priority’ shipping and get your order at the earliest.