Rolling Springer Message Board Black

Rolling Springer Message Board Black


Ideal for a range of uses with a versatility to suit every need

  • Holds up well in outdoor events
  • Letter changeover is easy
  • Changeable character set is available
  • The presence of a roller allows mobility

Attract customers to your business and boost its brand value with this simple yet effective Black Rolling Springer Message board. Allowing you to display multiple messages throughout the day, these frame signs are suited for:

  • Outdoor events, in both corporate settings or personal ones.
  • Signboards,
  • Restaurant signs, or
  • As boards for book launches.

The sidewalk signs can also be used for personal events and displaying instructions. This can include college festivals, fairs, weddings or birthday parties. Choose changeable character set with the Black Rolling Springer Message Board that allows you to change the messages throughout the day. Most stores with hourly deals and discounts will find this board sign very useful. The rollers on the outdoor sign also allow you to move it to any place of your convenience to attract potential customers in the area. The Black Rolling Springer Message board is the perfect blend of classy and quirky with a rustic feel to it.