Rolling Springer Dlx Message Brd XL White

Rolling Springer Dlx Message Brd XL White

  • Crafted from high-quality plastic for outdoor use.
  • Includes a letter kit comprising letters, numbers, & symbols.
  • Comes in an extra-large size for easy visibility.
  • Bulk quantity discount available.

White Message Boards are Made up of Durable Plastic Material

An ideal way to increase brand visibility and generate high returns, our white message boards are curated from great quality plastic for longevity. Available in a 2 ft. x 3 ft. size for greater visibility, the message board comes with a frame of 52” x 29” dimensions. Perfect for large capacity outdoor events, the message boards are designed to endure external damaging elements.

A unique combination of strength and sophistication, the rolling springer message boards come with an easily integrated handle & wheels for portability. Created to divert traffic inside your business, the message boards can be assembled by attaching the sign to the base.

A great choice for commercial or residential events, the white deluxe XL message boards have a weight of 34 lbs. Equipped with rollers for smooth movement, our white message boards are a one-stop solution for your advertising needs.

Effective in enticing potential patrons about the existing discounts and deals, the rolling springer deluxe message boards are sure to create a strong visual impression.

Message Boards Come With a Wholesome Letter Kit

Designed to notify prospective customers about the latest offers, the white message boards are available with a letter kit consisting of alphabets, symbols, and numbers. Colored in red and black, the letters have a height of 5”.

Made up of 10.5” white plastic, the letters can be attached to the message board by sliding in. Strong and durable, the message boards can be ordered with a ‘Priority’ shipping option for quick delivery.

Buy Deluxe XL Message Board at a Discounted Price

An innovative solution to advertise your business, our rolling springer white deluxe XL message board is available at a special price when ordered in large quantities. The more message boards you purchase in one go, the higher will be your savings. Therefore, order multiple boards at once to save money. Buy now!