Reserved Parking Curbside Pick Up Vinyl Banners

Reserved Parking Curbside Pick Up Vinyl Banners

  • Outside banners are made of flexible PVC vinyl to stay resilient in harsh weather.
  • Banners come with many customization options to suit your needs.
  • Bold, vibrant, full color graphics quickly draw attention of guests.
  • Fabric is easy to clean and maintain using only a damp cloth.
  • Provides a quick and professional installation process.

Enforce Parking Guidelines with Curbside Pick Up Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners are Customizable, Durable, and High Quality

If your restaurant offers curbside pickup, you need a set of parking spaces reserved for guests that wish to receive their orders conveniently. Use curbside pickup parking signs to indicate which spaces are reserved for curbside parking. This ensures that dine-in guests do not park in these spaces and provides reliable service for your curbside guests.

Our reserved parking banners are made of resilient PVC flex vinyl. This material is long-lasting, even when used outdoors with exposure to rain and high winds. The signage will continue to hold firmly to show curbside guests where to park.

These outside banners display text and graphics in full color. Each sign displays the graphic in a high contrast with a vibrant red to attract attention to those looking for a parking place. The 720 DPI resolution ensures sharp, readable text that drivers can quickly understand from far away.

You can customize your curbside pickup parking signs in many different ways to accommodate your outdoor setup. There are six options for hanging the banners that include metal grommets, adhesive tabs, and pole pockets. Select various accessories to help you hang the signs, such as zip ties, nylon rope, and wall brackets. You also have the option of adding lamination, UV printing, wind flaps, and a graphic on the reverse side.

Reserved Parking Banners are Ready to Use and Eco-Friendly

During the printing process of the outside banners, eco-solvents ensure safety for the environment. The biodegradable solvents don't emit toxins, reducing harm to human and plant life. You are free to display these banners while fulfilling your social responsibility.

BannerBuzz prints the graphics onto the reserved parking banners before you receive them. Simply set up the banners based on your your choice of finish and mounting hardware to ensure that the hanging is done easily and professionally. You only need a few moments for setup before guests arrive in search of parking.

Vinyl Banners are Easy to Clean

Clean your outside banners with a soft cloth. Wet the cloth slightly with clean water and use it to wipe the banners gently. Does not require any special cleaning solutions.

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