QLA Deluxe Message Board White

QLA Deluxe Message Board White


A quirky signboard to catch your customer's attention

  • Useful in restaurants with deals which change with time.
  • Strong and sturdy, built for outdoor locations
  • Letter changeover is easy

The QLA Deluxe sandwich boards are a great way to promote your business or product. Not restricted to just commercial settings, they’re ideal for residential areas for private purposes as well, such as directions to a private party. In a commercial setting, the QLA Deluxe sidewalk signs find their use in a number of places, including:

  • Store entrances
  • Deals and discounts
  • As restaurant signs on the road to quickly attract pedestrians
  • Important timings a particular show, such as at a museum.

A simple way to display messages, the message boards come especially handy when you’re looking to display multiple messages throughout the day. This could even be dining specials or discounts based on timing. The changeable letter signs make the construction of the sign simple and undemanding. This is a fun and quirky way to attract tourists or pedestrians to your shop. These frame signs catch your customer’s eye and have redefined outdoor advertising. Instead of using the same mundane catchline, business owners can now use different phrases to advertise their products. With easy letter changing, the QLA Deluxe Message board is a must-have for customizable advertising. The message board is also strong and durable, and holds well in outdoor locations. Gets yours now.