Polyester Fabric Awareness Banners

Polyester Fabric Awareness Banners

  • Polyester fabric is long-lasting.
  • Dye-sublimation printing creates high-resolution text and graphics.
  • Choose from multiple designs, sizes, and hanging options.
  • The fabric is lightweight and easy to fold for portability.
  • Machine-washable banners are simple to clean.

Buy Printed Polyester Fabric Awareness Banners for Health Education

During public health events, people get their information from a variety of sources. Keeping your clients informed and educated about the best health practices and scientific data helps to keep everyone safe. Our custom polyester fabric awareness banners display the text and graphics of your choice and keep your employees and customers well-informed.

Made from 230 GSM polyester fabric, our custom banners are flexible and strong. They allow you to inform your client and staff for a long time because of their durability. The material also stands up to stretching and being held taut by hanging hardware.

Printed in full color, these polyester fabric banners are vibrant and have sharp contrast to convey the intended message clearly. A high resolution of 1440 DPI produces neat, clean text that allows your visitors and employees to see the message on the banners from a distance.

Design the custom fabric banners in our online design tool to match your company's brand and image. You can also upload your own design or hire a professional to create one for you. We offer many sizes to choose from or we can customize a size that fits your business.

BannerBuzz employs the advanced dye sublimation process for printing artwork on the banners. The image created on the computer will be printed onto a special transfer paper using sublimation inks, and paper with the image will be applied to the banner. Using a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed onto the fabric surface at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which then causes the sublimation inks to “transfer” from the paper to the fibers within the polyester substate.

Pick two-sided printing, which attracts the attention of passersby from opposite directions. You can print the same or different images on both sides of the banner.

The polyester fabric banners fold up with ease and take up little space during storage. Their lightweight feature makes them easy to relocate. You get an improved return on investment since you can move and reuse the banners.

Select pole pockets for securely hanging your banners. Pole pockets have the advantage of being able to be used in situations where a hem and eyelets are insufficient. Pole pockets on banners provide a less cluttered and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Regular cleaning removes dust and pollen build-up, keeping the full color banners looking vibrant. They are machine-washable for easy cleaning using a mild detergent. Iron the banners after air-drying to remove wrinkles.

Order 2 to over 500 custom fabric banners and get discounts. Bulk orders allow for extensive displays throughout spacious facilities. Our range of discounts allows you to work within your company's budget for cost-effective ordering.

Choose from our multiple shipping options based on your requirements. We offer doorstep delivery in all shipping modes. Of course, if you have any specific requirements, you can always get in touch with our customer care team.

Shop for Polyester Fabric Awareness Banners for your business online at BannerBuzz.

Product Specification
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight: 230 GSM
  • Printing: Full Color, 1440DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing
Graphic Care Instructions

Washing Options
  • Regular machine wash at regular temperature using a mild detergent
  • Hand wash
Drying Options
  • Dry flat for best results
  • Drip or line dry
  • Tumble dry at gentlest setting
Removing Wrinkles
  • If fully dry, iron at high temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • If moist, iron at moderate temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • Do not iron when soaked

NOTE: If your fabric product has any rubber or velcro attachments, hand wash them ensuring the attachments are kept away from the water

Printing Options

Single Sided Printing

The standard single-sided printing option prints on one side using high-quality printing technology and inks.

Double Sided Printing

Design your graphics with two-sided printing for multi-directional marketing opportunities. You can get the same or different image printed on both sides.

Hanging Options

Pole Pockets

A pole pocket is a pole sleeve wherein a pole or a rod can slide into. It is created by folding and sealing approx. 3" extra material outside the actual banner size towards the back of the banner. You can choose the position of pole pockets at the top bottom, left right or only at the top of the banner as per your requirements.

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