OSHA WARNING Employees Visitors Use Assigned Pathway Sign

OSHA WARNING Employees Visitors Use Assigned Pathway Sign


Organize Your Workplace with OSHA 'Use Assigned Pathway' Signs

  • By using aluminum, we make the signs long-lasting.
  • UV printing lets us produce high-quality graphics.
  • We provide several customization possibilities.
  • The signs come pre-printed and ready to use.
  • Installation is simple due to mounting holes.

Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Pathway Signs

Order and efficiency distinguish a company and appeals to both customers and staff. As an administrator, you must ensure the safety and comfort of visitors by keeping them away from places where machinery or equipment is in use. Place office warning signs across your organization to help organize and designate spaces.

We use a 1.2 mm thick corrosion-resistant aluminum sheet to produce our full-color signs. You can use the signage both inside and outside your building to communicate your message, as the product is enduring.

Printing at 600 DPI quality produces clear, high-resolution graphics that ensure every detail on the aluminum signs is legible, even from a distance. Full color UV printing offers vibrant, sharp, and light-fast graphics that capture the attention of passersby.

There are customization options available to help you get a product that matches your needs. Choose a size from the available options or provide additional instructions to ensure that the pathway signs match your company's aesthetic.

Office Warning Signs are Ready-to-Use and Easy to Install

A text instructing employees and guests to use allotted pathways is apparent on the aluminum signs. The ready-to-use display ensures that you spend little time on design. You can display the signs right out of the box to warn of dangers.

Our full color signs come with mounting holes in each corner to make installation simple. The signs have a rounded 1-inch corner radius, which removes sharp edges and allows for safe installation.

Order Pathway Signs in Bulk to Get Discounts

Your organization can acquire large quantities of office warning signs to meet the requirements of your facilities. If you order between 2 and 20 pieces, you will receive a discount to help you stick to your budget.

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