OSHA EMERGENCY Spill Response Equipment Sign

OSHA EMERGENCY Spill Response Equipment Sign


Reduce Injuries at Work with OSHA Emergency Spill Response Equipment Signs

  • A strong aluminum sheet ensures resistance to wear and tear.
  • High-quality printing offers enhanced visibility.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes to match your demands.
  • Mounting holes make the assembling process easy.
  • The pre-printed message saves you time and energy.

Housekeeping Signs are Durable, Customizable and High Quality

Like many facilities that handle hazardous material, your company has the potential of having chemical spills that could lead to workplace injuries. Having the right cleaning tool will help prevent the spread of spills. Our indoor-outdoor signs will make it easy for the responsible team to identify the right equipment to use in case of a spill. Place the signs in places visible to everyone.

Non-corrosive materials can withstand harsh weather, making these signs ideal for outdoor use. These 1.2 mm thick aluminum signs are strong and rigid, able to resist scratches and scuffs to offer you long-lasting service.

High-quality full-color signs have a vibrant appearance that conveys the message in a way that is easy to read. The 600 DPI printing also makes sure you have sharp results that are clear from a distance. With a fade-resistant ink print, our signs stand up to harsh daylight.

Our housekeeping signs are available in a range of sizes to suit your specifications. Whether you need a small or big sign, you are free to design the products in any size ideal for getting your message across.

Indoor Outdoor Signs are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

These aluminum signs feature rounded corners with a 1-inch radius that give a professional look as well as protect against sharp edges. The mounting holes in each corner also make the assembly process easy.

Our environmentally friendly full-color signs feature biodegradable inks that don't release solvents into the air. This makes these safety tools safer for you and others. They also help your company adhere to environmental sustainability.

Housekeeping Signs are Ready to Use

A pre-printed graphic that reads Emergency Spill Response Equipment makes these indoor-outdoor signs ready to use. You do not need to make anything, which saves you time and effort. So you can put them to use immediately after assembling.

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